What’s new, what’s going on?

Well, it has been a long while, actually 367 days, since I last posted to this site, and I have about an hour before my class, so I figured I would hop on and put together a bit of an update. At the end of spring training last year I was told by the Rockies …

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Spring, School and Intersquads

They say sometimes life gets in the way of things, and in this case it's gotten in the way of writing. Over the last couple of weeks we've had longer days on the field, meetings to prepare us for all aspects of our seasons, and I've had reading and writing to do in order to …

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Week Two – Baseball is Back

So today I'm writing from a seat in the shade behind home plate at Salt River Field. I didn't plan on staying for the Big League game today, but I checked the MLB app and saw that German Marquez was the starting pitcher so I turned around and came back to watch. I was later …

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A Rainy, Cold Weekend

Rainy and cold. Typically these two words aren't associated with Spring Training in Arizona, but this weekend Mother Nature managed to send both our way. On Friday before our workout the staff asked us if we'd all be around on the weekend, since in prior weeks, weekends were optional. Since everyone was planning on staying …

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Looking Back

I wrote this post weeks ago, but didn't want it to be any kind of a distraction to Molly as she finished out her season. This is a totally different type of post, but it's absolutely one of the most important ones to me. On January 28 I drove to Boston to watch my sister, …

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Purple and Black

On Monday I headed over to the complex for my first workout as a Rockie. I arrived early, probably too early for my own good. I walked to my locker and found shorts, a hoodie and some tshirts hung up waiting for me and for whatever reason that immediately calmed some of the first day …

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Road Tripping

I wrote out a full post on Tuesday that outlined our first two of four days on the trip from New York to Arizona, and instead of hitting save, I accidentally closed it, losing everything. Note to self, should have listened to all those teachers who always harped on saving your work. Teachers 1 - …

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