About Me

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario I grew up an avid baseball and hockey fan. I spent my summers at the Skydome with my Zidie, and the winters frustrated that my hometown Maple Leafs could never quite get anywhere in the post season.

I’ve been a Blue, a Met, a Titan, a Seawolf,  an All American, a Firebird, an Emerald, a Tincap, a Stone Crab, a Bandit a Grasshopper and a Capitale in my career. My journey has taken me across Canada, throughout the United States, and to the Dominican Republic and Australia twice each. I’ve played 7 of the 9 defensive positions professionally, and yes I still have my 0.00 era. I’ve been drafted, traded, Rule 5’d, released, and resigned. 

I wouldn’t change any bit of my crazy journey, it has shown me the world, and allowed me to meet so many different people.